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14 Of The Most Common Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Traits

14 Of The Most Common Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Traits

Are you thinking of getting a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy? Are you researching their character, general temperament and personality? Here’s everything you need to know about the most common Cavalier King Charles Spaniel traits!

The 14 Most Common Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Traits are:

  1. Cavaliers are affectionate
  2. Cavaliers are playful
  3. Cavaliers are friendly
  4. Cavaliers are sensitive
  5. Cavaliers are gentle
  6. Cavaliers are adaptable
  7. Cavaliers are loyal
  8. Cavaliers are greedy
  9. Cavaliers are sniffers
  10. Cavaliers are active
  11. Cavaliers are entertaining
  12. Cavaliers are quiet
  13. Cavaliers are clever
  14. Cavaliers are graceful

Read on to find out everything you need to know about a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s personality traits.

Never use the advice in this article as a substitute for professional veterinary advice or treatment. I am NOT a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist. This article is based on research, personal opinion and experience of owning dogs over the last 12+ years. 

The 14 Most Common Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Traits are:

1. Cavaliers Are Affectionate

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are a hugely affectionate breed. This is hardly surprising when you realize they’ve been bred as companion dogs since the early 1900s.

They love nothing more than snuggling up with their family. Your Cavalier will want to jump onto your lap every time you sit down and follow you around wherever you go!

Cavaliers combine the best of both worlds, with the loving nature of the toy breeds and the higher activity level of working gundogs. 

They thrive on love and affection from their owners and would happily spend every minute of the day returning this devotion. 

2. Cavaliers Are Playful

Cavaliers are a playful breed who enjoy playing with toys, their owners, or other dogs.

Although they’re a toy breed, they still have the strong gundog instincts of their Spaniel ancestors, so they love nothing more than a game of fetch.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels love anything that involves them interacting with their family, and playtime is no different.

In fact, they’d much rather play a game with you than try to entertain themselves!

3. Cavaliers Are Friendly 

Cavaliers tend to be excellent natured dogs who try to make friends with everyone they meet.

They’re notoriously happy and confident, so they won’t find making friends too tricky.

Because of this, they can make great family dogs as they get on well with children, other dogs and cats if they’re introduced to them correctly.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels will greet everyone as if they’ve known them forever.

You’ll have a friend for life in these little lap dogs!

4. Cavaliers Are Sensitive

Cavaliers can be a very sensitive breed. They don’t respond well to harsh handling or being told off.

Instead, they prefer their owners to be gentle, kind and patient when interacting with them.

You’ll quickly upset your Cavalier if you shout at them, so it’s always best to avoid raising your voice.

They’ll start to worry if they’re left home alone for a long time and can develop separation anxiety.

So, it’s best to avoid leaving your Cavalier on their own for long periods. 

Cavalier on a pink background with a speech bubble that says 'I'm loyal, gentle, quiet and playful!'.
Most Common Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Traits

5. Cavaliers Are Gentle

Cavaliers tend to be a gentle breed that rarely shows any aggression.

Because of the gundog ancestors, they’re soft-mouthed and are unlikely to nip at you or rip up their toys.

Their patient and gentle personalities can make them an excellent choice for a family dog.

However, their gentle nature should never be taken for granted. Even a sweet natured Cavalier can bite if they feel very scared or threatened by something. 

6. Cavaliers Are Adaptable

Cavaliers are incredibly adaptable dogs, so they can fit into any lifestyle seamlessly.

If you’re able to take them for long walks every day, they’ll be happy to go with you. Although, they’ll be equally happy being couch potatoes if that’s what they’re used to doing!

Cavaliers won’t mind waiting a little longer for their walks, but they may have something to say if you’re running late with their dinner! 

Their adaptability and loving nature help make Cavaliers the ideal companion for families, or older people.

7. Cavaliers Are Loyal

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are very loyal little dogs. They form close bonds with their owners and want to be with them as much as possible.

They can sometimes take this to the extreme though, and become intensely dependent on their owners. This can make it challenging when you need to be away from them as they could get separation anxiety.

They’re always looking for ways to please you and try their best to listen to commands, even if they get them wrong sometimes!

Your Cavalier will know precisely how you’re feeling and respond to it accordingly.

It’s hard to feel sad with a cute Cavalier cuddling you, so they’ll be sure to always cheer you up! 

8. Cavaliers Are Greedy 

Cavaliers are greedy! They’ll overeat if you let them, so you’ll have to monitor their food intake. 

It’s difficult to resist their big starry eyes when they’re begging for treats or food from your plate, but you’ll have to ration them!

They’ll quickly polish off a bowl of dog food if you leave it down for them to graze from, so it’s better to give adults set meals twice a day instead.

Cavaliers can quickly gain weight, which can lead to health problems, so it’s vital you keep a check on their waistlines. 

9. Cavaliers Are Sniffers

Cavaliers love to sniff and explore new places. They’ll spend ages sniffing lampposts and grass wherever you go, especially if they’ve not been there before.

It may mean your walks take a little longer, but it’s important to let them do it.

This allows your Cavalier to find out what’s happening in the outside world, and it also makes them feel good too! So, before you pull them away from that scent on the grass, think twice. 

However, their noses can get them into trouble when they’re off the leash. If they get hold of an interesting scent, they’ll want to pursue it. 

So, you’ll need to make sure your Cavalier’s got an excellent recall and the area is secure before you let them off leash. 

Cavalier on a blue background with a speech bubble that says 'I'm loyal, gentle, quiet and playful!'.
Most Common Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Personality Traits

10. Cavaliers Are Active

Despite their popularity as lapdogs and companions, Cavaliers are surprisingly active. They can make great agility, hoopers or rally obedience dogs.

Participating in these dog sports helps keep your Cavalier fit and active and gives their brain a workout too.

Plus, they’ll enjoy spending quality time with you too, so why not give dog sports a try?

11. Cavaliers Are Entertaining

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can be very entertaining! They’re always looking for things that will get your attention.

And, it’s hard not to laugh when they greet you with something silly in their mouth! 

12. Cavaliers Are Quiet

Most Cavaliers are quiet dogs that don’t tend to make much noise at all.

You’ll only hear them bark if someone knocks on the door, but they’re generally not a noisy breed.

They may start crying or barking more if they’re feeling lonely, have separation anxiety, or want your attention though. 

13. Cavaliers Are Clever

Just because they’re considered a companion breed doesn’t mean Cavalier King Charles Spaniels aren’t clever!

Cavaliers can solve problems and puzzle toys and learn all kinds of tricks and commands.

They’re relatively easy to train if you consistently teach them using positive methods.

This makes potty training your Cavalier puppy pretty straightforward, providing you’re consistent with their training and praise them when they go potty outside. 

14. Cavaliers Are Graceful

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are graceful when they move around. 

They move freely and effortlessly, and when you pair this with their silky, flowing coats, it’s a very elegant sight.

The flashy, noble impression Cavaliers showcase explains why they were so popular amongst the British royal family!

So there you have it! Cavaliers are active, playful, friendly, quiet and gentle. They love to make friends with everyone they meet, and make wonderfully loyal and affectionate dogs!

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