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15 Of The Most Common Beagle Traits

15 Of The Most Common Beagle Traits

Are you thinking of getting a Beagle but want to find out what the breed is like? Maybe you already have a Beagle and want to know what the most common traits are? Here’s everything you need to know about Beagles and traits!

The 15 most common Beagle traits are: 

  1. Beagles are friendly
  2. Beagles are sniffers
  3. Beagles are loud
  4. Beagles are greedy
  5. Beagles are clever
  6. Beagles are affectionate
  7. Beagles are funny
  8. Beagles are playful
  9. Beagles are stubborn
  10. Beagles are diggers
  11. Beagles easily get bored
  12. Beagles are escape artists
  13. Beagles are thieves
  14. Beagles are mouthy
  15. Beagles are inquisitive

Read on to find out more about the most common Beagle traits and to get an insight into their personality!

Never use the advice in this article as a substitute for professional veterinary advice or treatment. I am NOT a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist. This article is based on research, personal opinion and experience of owning dogs over the last 12+ years. 

These are the most common Beagle traits:

1. Beagles Are Friendly

Beagles are well known for their friendly nature. They tend to get on well with other dogs, children and adults.

They love to meet new dogs at the park and often enjoy being fussed by new people.

Beagles can make great family dogs because of their friendly, fun-loving personalities.

2. Beagles Are Sniffers

Beagles have a fantastic sense of smell and absolutely love to sniff as much as possible.

They’ve been bred for centuries to track and hunt prey as a pack, so it’s not surprising to see why they like to sniff things so much. 

Sniffing is an entirely natural behaviour for Beagles and it’s relaxing for them too.

So why not try going on a ‘Sniffari’ walk with them, where you let them sniff and explore as much as they want?

Just bear in mind, if they get hold of a scent, it can be difficult to get them to come back if they’re off the leash.

Make sure you’ve got an excellent recall and the area’s secure before letting them off!

3. Beagles Are Loud

Beagles are loud and have a unique type of bark known as a ‘bay.’ They do regular barks and whines as well, but baying is very distinctive – and noisy!

Some say it’s a cross between a bark and a howl, but one thing’s for sure, you’ll know it when you hear it.

It stems from their hunting background, as the whole pack of Beagles would bay when chasing their prey. 

4. Beagles Are Greedy

Beagles are superbly greedy! They simply don’t know when to stop and would just keep eating and eating if you let them.

Ensure they’re not being overfed or given too many treats as they’re prone to gaining weight quickly. It’s down to you to control their daily portions of food and the type of food they’re eating too. 

They’re scavengers too, so will hoover up anything off the floor when out on walks, so keep an eye on them in case they pick up anything dangerous that could cause them harm. 

5. Beagles Are Clever

Beagles are very intelligent. They’re able to quickly pick up new things, especially if you use positive reinforcement training. 

Beware though, their stubborn streak can be very strong, which can make training more challenging!

If you get them in the right mood, they’re eager to please and respond very well to food rewards.

However, they’re easily distracted, especially by scents, so you need to keep training interesting for them. 

Beagle on a lime green background with a speech bubble that says 'What are my most common traits?'
Beagle Common Traits

6. Beagles Are Affectionate

Beagles are a very affectionate breed. They want to be with you as much as possible and love to cuddle up on the sofa.

They truly love each member of their family, so they don’t always do well if they’re left alone too long.

They’ll greet you when you get home, like you’ve been gone for a week, even if it’s only been a few minutes!

They’ll follow you around everywhere, because they want to be close to you and are afraid of missing out on something too! 

7. Beagles Are Funny

Beagles are a very comical breed. They’re goofy and sometimes clumsy too, so they’ll be sure to make you laugh at their antics. 

You’ll find it hard not to laugh at them, even when they’ve been up to no good! 

8. Beagles Are Playful

Beagles love to play! They’ll play with squeaky toys for ages and love to play fetch too.

Better yet, they love playing hide and seek games, using their noses to seek out their favourite dog toys or treats. So hide tasty treats around the garden and encourage them to search them out!

Be warned though, they can destroy a cuddly toy in a matter of minutes, so make sure their dog toys are strong and don’t leave them unattended. 

9. Beagles Are Stubborn

Beagles know their own mind so can be very stubborn. They need careful, consistent training from a young age to get them to listen to you. 

Even when they’re well trained, they can still easily ignore you if something else more interesting is happening!

Bred to work in a pack and think for themselves when hunting, this independent nature can make it more challenging to get them to do as you ask.  

10. Beagles Are Diggers

Beagles love to dig! Not only is it fun for them to do, but it’s also very natural for them.

Because they’re so interested in following scents, they can quickly dig up your yard when searching for an interesting smell.

Giving them a sandpit or section of the garden where they’re allowed to dig, can be a good compromise.

This allows them to dig as much as they like, without ruining your lawn and plants! 

11. Beagles Get Bored Easily

Beagles need a lot of mental stimulation and at least 60-90 minutes daily exercise.

If they’re not being walked enough and their brains aren’t being kept busy, they can get bored very quickly.

Make sure they’re not being left on their own for too long with nothing to do, or they might become destructive or develop separation anxiety. 

Beagle puppy on a yellow background with a speech bubble that says 'What are my most common traits?'
Beagle Puppy Common Traits

12. Beagles Are Escape Artists

If your Beagle’s bored or lonely, they may try to escape from your home or garden.

Beagles have been known to find their way through or over fencing, if they’re pursuing a scent.

So, you’ll need to make sure your yard or garden is securely fenced and Beagle-proof!

Try and avoid leaving them outside alone or they might get themselves into trouble trying to escape! 

13. Beagles Are Thieves

Beagles love to steal things, especially food! They’re very cheeky and will often steal your things to get your attention.

Make sure anything you don’t want them to have is well out of their reach.

If you run around after them to try and get the item back, they’ll see this as a fun game of chase!

This can make them want to steal things more, because it’s become a fun game for them.

Instead, calmly discourage them and provide them with plenty of their own things to play with instead. 

14. Beagles Are Mouthy

Beagles can be pretty mouthy and may try to grab at your hands and clothes.

They’re not doing it to be nasty or naughty though! It’s usually because they’re feeling playful or want to get your attention. 

Luckily, because they’re bred as gun dogs, they tend to hold things quite softly so shouldn’t hurt you when you do this.

Just be mindful around children and never leave them unattended. 

15. Beagles Are Inquisitive

Beagles love to explore new places and meet new people. They’re nosy and curious and want to know what’s going on around them all the time.

They’ll map out a new place with their noses first, intently sniffing every part of it.

They’ll be the first to dive into your shopping bags when you get home, to see if there’s anything exciting in there to steal or eat! 

So, there you have it! Beagles are friendly, affectionate, funny and mischievous, with so many adorable traits! They’ll quickly become a big part of your family and you’ll be obsessed with the breed for life!

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