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How Much Exercise Do Springer Spaniels Need?

How Much Exercise Do Springer Spaniels Need?

Are you thinking of getting a Springer Spaniel but want to find out about the exercise needs of the breed? Maybe you have a Springer Spaniel puppy and want to know how far you can walk them. Here’s everything you need to know about how much exercise a Springer Spaniel needs!

How Much Exercise Do Springer Spaniels Need? Adult Springer Spaniels need a minimum of 2 hours exercise a day. They’re a high energy dog breed with plenty of stamina that love to be running around outside! They would much prefer a long walk off their leash to sniff, run and explore at their own pace. 

Read on to find out how much exercise a Springer Spaniel puppy needs, how much exercise Senior Springers need, what happens if you over or under exercise them, and what types of exercise they enjoy the most!  

Never use the advice in this article as a substitute for professional veterinary advice or treatment. I am NOT a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist. This article is based on research, personal opinion and experience of owning dogs over the last 12+ years. 

How Much Exercise Does A Springer Spaniel Puppy Need?

Springer Spaniel puppies should have 5 minutes of exercise, per month of age, up to twice daily.

This doesn’t include playtime or training sessions though, these can be done in addition to their formal walks.

According to this rule, a 3-month-old Springer would be allowed 15 minutes of exercise once or twice daily. A 4-month-old would be allowed 20 minutes and a 5-month-old 25 minutes – up to twice a day.

Springer Spaniel puppies are bundles of energy and fun! So, it can be tempting to exercise them more to try and tire them out. 

However, it’s vital you don’t over-exercise them during this crucial stage of their development.

Your Springer puppy will often want to do more exercise than they’re allowed to, so it’s your responsibility not to let them overdo it.

Too much exercise while they’re growing can cause long term issues with their joints and mobility, so it’s essential you stick to the exercise limits.

Once they reach maturity at around 18 months old, they can be transitioned to the recommended daily exercise amounts for adult Springers.

How Much Exercise Do Adult Springer Spaniels Need?

Adult Springer Spaniels need at least 2 hours of exercise daily. In addition to this, they should have plenty of opportunities to play throughout the day.

Two hours of physical activity is the minimum requirement for a healthy adult Springer. Many are capable and happy to do much more than this though! 

Bred for centuries as working gun dogs, Springer Spaniels are a high energy breed with lots of stamina. So, it’s essential they’re getting plenty of exercise to keep their body and mind healthy.

A short stroll around the street won’t do much to tackle your Springer’s energy levels! They would much prefer a long walk off their leash to sniff, run and explore at their own pace. 

Because they’re keen to learn and very intelligent, they often enjoy learning new things. So, be sure to make time to train them each day too.

Mental enrichment is equally as important as physical exercise for Springers, so this shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Springer Spaniel sat on the grass looking up at the camera with a speech bubble that says 'I love going on my daily walks!'
Springer Spaniel Out On Their Daily Walk

How Much Exercise Do Senior Springer Spaniels Need?

Springer Spaniels are classed as seniors from around 8 years of age.

Some may naturally need less exercise as they get older. However, most will still need at least an hour of daily exercise.

This all depends on your Springers overall health. If their joints and mobility are still good, they may be happy to maintain the same exercise levels as adult Springers. 

Adjust your walks to suit your senior Springer Spaniel better. They may find uneven terrain more challenging to navigate, or they may become tired faster than they did.

Instead of one very long walk at once, they’ll probably prefer a few shorter walks spread out over the day. 

It’s not a good idea to stop exercising your Springer Spaniel entirely when they become a senior. This is likely to be detrimental to their mental health as well as their physical health.

It can make your Springer’s mobility worse if they stop getting any exercise at all. Instead, take them out little and often to get them gently moving and stretching. 

What Problems Can Over-Exercising Cause For Springer Spaniels?

If you give your Springer Spaniel too much daily exercise, here are the problems they may have:

Joint Problems

Too much high-intensity exercise can lead to joint problems developing earlier.

This is a particular issue if your Springer Spaniel’s allowed to chase balls or play fetch repetitively.

The sudden stopping and changes of direction that happen when chasing a ball, can easily cause injuries to tendons, ligaments and bones. 

Sore Muscles

Doing too much exercise can make your Springer Spaniel stiff and have sore muscles.

It’s important they’ve got plenty of time to recover after particularly long or strenuous exercise.

Even though they’ll probably want to carry on exercising, as usual, this can do them more harm than good in the long run. 

What Problems Can Under-Exercising Cause For Springer Spaniels?

If your Springer Spaniel’s not getting enough daily exercise, here are some problems they may have:

Weight Gain

Springer Spaniels are greedy dogs! If you let them, they’ll often eat much more than they need to.

This can quickly lead to them gaining weight which puts extra pressure on their organs and joints.

Making sure they get enough exercise, can help keep on top of their weight. 

Behaviour Problems

Springer Spaniels are very clever dogs, with busy minds and active bodies.

Without plenty of exercise, they can quickly get bored and start looking for their own entertainment.

They may begin barking, destroying your home, digging, chewing or stealing your things to get your attention. 

Separation Anxiety

Some Springer Spaniels may develop symptoms of separation anxiety, if they’re not getting enough exercise.

When they’re left alone with a lot of pent-up energy, this can lead to trouble! 

Springer Spaniel sat on the grass with a speech bubble that says 'I love going on my daily walks!'
Springer Spaniel Out For A Walk

Loss Of Fitness

The less exercise your Springer Spaniel gets, the less fit they’ll be. 

If your Springer’s unfit, they can be at higher risk of developing medical issues, or becoming injured when they are exercised.

This can happen relatively quickly too, so their fitness levels can decrease rapidly if they’re not getting enough exercise.

It can take much longer to build their fitness levels back up to an acceptable level.

What Type Of Exercise Do Springer Spaniels Enjoy?

These are the types of exercise Springer Spaniels like:

Off Leash Running

Springer Spaniels absolutely love to run around off their leash and explore!

They can cover a lot of ground very quickly, much faster than most humans can.

If you’re still working on their recall training, then it’s a good idea to hire a secure field for them to run freely in safety. 


Walking is the most accessible form of exercise for your Springer Spaniel. Just get a well-fitted harness or collar and leash and you’re ready to go!

You can adjust the walk to suit your Springer’s needs.

If they can’t go far, no problem, or if they can walk for hours then that’s fine too! 


Springer Spaniels have a fantastic sense of smell, so they love to sniff!

They enjoy sniffing in the undergrowth or hedges, and closely inspecting new scents.

Spice up their walks by letting them sniff as much as they want to – a sniffari!

You can even let them tell you where they want to explore next, provided it’s safe for them to go there. 


Springer Spaniels are strong swimmers and it’s a great form of exercise too!

This is particularly useful if your Springer needs to lose weight, as it’s a non-weight bearing exercise.

This means less pressure on their joints, while still letting them exercise!

Doggy Parkour

Springer Spaniels are very agile and can jump and run around all day.

Letting them jump onto a tree stump, walk across a low wall or weave around things can make their walks more interactive and exciting.

This gives their brains a work out too, which is a bonus!

Dog Sports

Springer Spaniels often excel at dog sports.

Agility, flyball, rally, obedience, scentwork and cani-cross are all great options for them to enjoy.

These sports will keep you fit too and give your Springer’s brain something to think about – win, win!

So there you have it! Springer Spaniels are an active and energetic dog breed that require at least 2 hours of physical exercise a day. Allowing them to run free and release their pent up energy will lead to them being healthy in body and mind!

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