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Do Beagles Bark A Lot? And How To Stop It

Do Beagles Bark A Lot? And How To Stop It

Are you considering getting a Beagle but want to know how much they bark? Maybe you have a Beagle already and want to find out how to stop them barking all the time? Here’s everything you need to know about Beagles and barking.

Do Beagles Bark A Lot? Yes, Beagles bark a lot! They’re a very vocal breed that use different barking sounds depending on the situation they’re in at the time. They have three distinctive types of bark; standard barking, baying and howling – all of which are very noisy! 

Read on to find out why your Beagle is barking so much and how to stop them from barking.

Never use the advice in this article as a substitute for professional veterinary advice or treatment. I am NOT a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist. This article is based on research, personal opinion and experience of owning dogs over the last 12+ years. 

What Are The Different Types Of Beagle Bark?

Beagles actually have three different kinds of bark that they’ll use in different situations: 


Standard barking is just the same as any other dog breed’s bark. It can be a one-off bark, or longer chains of repetitive barking, depending on what your Beagle is barking at. 


Baying is more specific to Beagles than to other dog breeds. It’s a cross between a bark and howl and Beagles regularly use it to communicate. Baying goes on for longer than a bark, but not quite as long as a full-on howl. 


Howls are long uninterrupted moans. Your Beagle will often tilt their head back and howl for longer lengths of time without stopping. 

Your Beagle is even more likely to bark, bay or howl if you have other dogs in your home, or in the local area. They tend to join in with other dogs if they’re already barking.

If lots of Beagles are baying together, the sound can be really deafening! 

How Loud Is A Beagles Bark?

A Beagle’s bark is very loud! Much louder than many other dog breeds.

They’ve been bred for hundreds of years as hunting dogs. They would bark to alert the hunter and the rest of the pack that they’re in pursuit of an interesting scent or prey.

They would often be a fair distance away from the hunter so would need to be loud to get their attention!

Even if your Beagle isn’t used for hunting, this is a breed trait that’s likely to stay with them. 

When a Beagle is baying, this can seem even louder than their standard bark. It can also be more difficult to interrupt or distract them! This means it carries on for longer which can make it seem even louder.

It’s thought that the word Beagle may come from the French word ‘Beugler’ which translates to ‘bellow’. This seems particularly fitting for Beagles who usually love the sound of their own voice! 

Beagle outside on the grass howling with a speech bubble that says 'I like the sound of my own voice'
A Beagle Howling

Why Do Beagles Bark So Much?

Beagles may bark more depending on how they’re feeling, if they want attention, or simply because it’s a natural trait.

Whatever the reason behind your Beagle’s barking, they’re trying to tell you something, so it’s up to you to work out the cause:

Your Beagle Wants Attention

Beagles can be quite manipulative and stubborn as a breed and can use barking as a way to get what they want.

They may bark at you because they want a fuss or when they’re demanding more treats!

Either way, it’s not always possible for you to listen to their demands all the time.

If you give your Beagle a treat every time that they demand one, they’ll almost certainly bark to get treats! 

It’s In Your Beagle’s Breeding

Beagles have been used in England since the 16th century as hunting dogs, most commonly for hunting rabbits, other small mammals and game.

They were later recognised by the American Kennel club in the 19th Century.

When hunting, Beagles are required to bark to alert the hunter and others dogs in their pack that they’ve found their prey.

This has been bred into them for hundreds of years, so it’s a completely natural behaviour for Beagles to bark. 

Your Beagle Has Found A Scent

Beagles are bred to hunt. When they’ve found a scent that they think is interesting, they’ll bark, bay and howl to let the rest of the pack know to come and investigate.

So, if your Beagle catches scent of a rabbit or something else interesting, it may well set them off barking.

You may notice if you have more than one Beagle that, as soon as one starts barking, the others will join in too! 

Your Beagle Is Feeling Excited

Beagles can bark more if they’re feeling excited or wound up. This is particularly apparent when they’re playing with other dogs or toys.

They’ll also bark if they’re feeling impatient, like when they’re waiting for you to throw a ball or their favourite toy. 

Your Beagle is Bored

Beagles are actually quite intelligent dogs, so they might start barking or howling if they’re looking for something to do.

Feeling bored can also lead to other behavioural issues developing such as digging or chewing. 

Your Beagle Is Not Getting Enough Exercise

If your Beagle isn’t getting enough exercise, they’ll bark more. That’s because they’re not getting a chance to release their pent-up energy.

Sometimes, the type of exercise they’re getting isn’t satisfying enough for them.

Beagles are much more likely to feel more satisfied if they’re taken on interesting walks, instead of quick walk down the road. 

Your Beagle Is Not Getting Enough Enrichment

If your Beagle doesn’t have much to keep their mind occupied, then they might start barking to entertain themselves.

By giving them plenty of mental enrichment activities, this can help to reduce their barking a bit.

Your Beagle Has Got Separation Anxiety

Beagles can be prone to developing separation anxiety if they’re left home alone for too long.

They’re bred to live and work in large packs of other Beagles, so can find it hard if left completely on their own.

This can lead to them barking and howling because they’re feeling lonely when you’re not there. 

However, they’re just as happy with humans or other Beagles around, so getting another dog could be an option to consider.

Beagle outside on the grass baying and howling with a speech bubble that says 'I like the sound of my own voice'
A Beagle Baying And Howling

How To Stop A Beagle Barking So Much

Stopping your Beagle from barking completely isn’t possible, but you can reduce their barking if you can work on the cause:

Train Your Beagle To Be Quiet

Beagles can be notoriously stubborn which can make them difficult to train. However, it’s not impossible to teach them to bark less!

With careful, positive training, it’s possible to teach your Beagle to bark and be quiet on command.

Each time they bark, say ‘Speak’ and reward them with treats. 

Each time they’re quiet, say ‘Quiet’ and reward them again.

Although they might not pick this up as quickly as some other breeds, they’re more than capable of learning if you’re consistent. 

Consider A Dog Walker

If you think your Beagle is suffering from separation anxiety, then it may be a good idea to consider a dog walker or doggy daycare. 

This’ll reduce the amount of time they’re being left alone for and break up the day.

It also increases their daily exercise amounts too, which is definitely a good thing for your Beagle. 

Keep Your Beagle’s Brain Busy

Keeping your Beagle’s brain busy is a great way to try and reduce how much they’re barking.

Beagles are really motivated by food and enjoy sniffing, so snuffle mats, lick mats and food toys are great enrichment activities for them.

They may also enjoy long lasting natural treats to chew on like bully sticks, hooves, antlers or pigs ears. 

Increase Your Beagle’s Exercise

Beagles require at least an hour of physical exercise each day, so try to make sure they’re getting that as a minimum.

It can also be a good idea to hire a secure field to let your Beagle run freely off leash.

This lets them explore the new surroundings and scents at their own pace, without them being able to run off.

It’s also a great option if their recall isn’t reliable!

Keep Your Beagle Calm

If your Beagle is barking because they’re feeling excited, then you could try doing some calming activities.

Beagles love to sniff because it’s what they’ve been bred to do. This works in your favour as it can also be quite relaxing for them. 

Choosing to do activities like foraging for treats in the garden, instead of high intensity exercise like games of fetch, can help keep them calmer which keeps barking to a minimum. 

Ignore Attention Seeking Behaviour

If your Beagle is barking for attention, it’s best to try and ignore them.

If you try to shout at them, they’ll see this as you joining in – which will only encourage them to bark more!

So, there you have it! Beagles do bark a lot. You can’t stop them barking completely, but you can reduce the amount they’re barking by teaching the ‘Quiet’ command, increasing their exercise, keeping their minds busy and reducing the amount of time they’re left alone for.

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