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Can Beagles Be Left Alone All Day?

Can Beagles Be Left Alone All Day?

Are you thinking of getting a Beagle but don’t know how they’ll cope while you’re out at work? Maybe you already have a Beagle and want to know how long you can leave them alone for? Here’s everything you need to know about whether a Beagle can be left alone all day.

Can Beagles Be Left Alone All Day? No, you should never leave an adult Beagle alone for more than 4-6 hours at a time. They have to potty several times during the day and need daily exercise too. As pack animals, Beagles can get bored and destructive on their own and may show signs of separation anxiety.

Read on to find out why Beagles can’t be left on their own too long, how long a Beagle puppy can be left alone, and how to make your Beagle feel more comfortable when you do need to go out.

Never use the advice in this article as a substitute for professional veterinary advice or treatment. I am NOT a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist. This article is based on research, personal opinion and experience of owning dogs over the last 12+ years. 

Can Beagles Be Left Alone All Day?

No, Beagles can’t be left alone all day. They get easily bored and frustrated so they don’t do well being on their own for long periods of time.

Beagles that are left alone too long are more likely to bark or bay excessively, show destructive behaviours or have separation anxiety. 

They’re bred to work as part of a pack of other Beagles and hounds when they’re hunting. So they thrive on an active lifestyle and the companionship of other dogs or people.

This means that some Beagles can find it difficult being by themselves for hours on end. 

They also form strong bonds with their owners, which can make it even harder for them to feel comfortable being left alone. 

How Long Can I Leave My Adult Beagle Alone?

Ideally, adult Beagles should only be left alone for a maximum of 4 hours a day. But even this can be too long for some.

They’re prone to developing separation anxiety, so can bark or become destructive when they’re on their own for a long time. 

If you’ve had your Beagle since they were a puppy and have trained them to feel comfortable when alone, you may be able to leave them for longer than the recommended 4 hours.

Some owners leave their Beagles for 6 hours a day, but this should be avoided if at all possible.

However, you may find if you have more than one Beagle or another dog for company, they may cope much better when left.

If you’ve adopted an adult Beagle that hasn’t had any previous training, you may have to start their training from scratch. This’ll help them feel more comfortable when you’re not with them.

Start by leaving them for just a few minutes at a time. Then gradually increase the length of time as they get used to it. 

Sad looking Beagle on a blue background with a speech bubble that says 'When are you coming home?'
Beagle Suffering With Separation Anxiety

How Long Can I Leave My Beagle Puppy Alone?

Beagle puppies should only be left alone for a few minutes at a time when you first bring them home.

Leaving them alone for long periods at this stage can increase the risk of them developing separation anxiety.

Beagle puppies might cry or howl or have accidents in the house if they’re on their own for too long. 

Puppies are likely to be feeling anxious after being taken away from their mother and littermates.

This means they’ll quickly latch on to members of their new family to try and feel comforted and safe.

If you then start leaving them for long periods straight away, this can leave them feeling unsure and stressed about when you’ll come back. 

When you’re potty-training, your Beagle puppy will need to be taken outside to wee around every 30 minutes to start with. That’s one of the reasons why they shouldn’t be left much longer than this. 

If you need to leave your puppy to go to work, then ask family, friends or a dog walker to call in and let them out for you. If you don’t, they’re going to pee on the floor and this can make potty training much harder to do.

To start with, try leaving your Beagle puppy alone for 10 minutes while you have a coffee or do the dishes.

You may find crate training your puppy to be helpful here. This provides a place where your Beagle feels safe and secure.

Crates are useful if you need to pop out of the room for a short time, and for times when you can’t watch them. 

However, they must not be used for long periods of time. Just a few minutes here and there spread throughout the day.

As your puppy grows and their training continues, you can gradually increase the time they’re left at home to between 1 and 2 hours per day.

Once your Beagle puppy reaches around 6 months old, they should be able to go around 2 hours without needing a potty break.

This makes it a little easier for you to go out without them having accidents in the home.

Sad looking Beagle staring out the window with a speech bubble that says 'When are you coming home?'
Beagle Waiting For Their Owner To Come Home

Do All Beagles Feel Anxious When Left Alone?

No, not every Beagle will feel anxious when they’re left on their own. This very much depends on the individual dog and their own personality.

Some will be happy to be left for longer and will sleep until you get home, especially if all their other needs are being met. 

Because Beagles are used to living and working in a pack of other dogs, they might find it easier to cope on their own if they have the company of another dog.

However, this is very much down to their individual personality. 

You could install a camera in your home to keep an eye on your Beagle when you’re out of the house.

This’ll show you what they’re up to and give you a better idea of how they’re feeling when they’re home alone.

Are Beagles Destructive When Left Alone?

Yes, Beagles can be destructive if they’re left alone for long periods of time.

They might chew your furniture, dig up the carpets or destroy things, which can all be signs of separation anxiety.

However, they’re not doing these behaviours to be naughty. They’re just having a hard time dealing with being on their own. 

Beagles quickly get bored, so will look for things to do to entertain themselves. Couple this with them feeling anxious at being left alone and they might start to become destructive. 

Even though not every Beagle will become destructive when they’re left, it’s fairly common in the breed. 

So, before you leave and when you get back home, try not to make a huge fuss of your Beagle. The calmer you are, the more likely it is that your Beagle will stay calm too.

They may find it easier being on their own if you (or someone else) returns at regular times throughout the day. This reassures them that you’re always coming back. 

How Can I Help My Beagle Feel More Comfortable When Left Alone?

Even though it can be a long process to train your Beagle to be left alone, it’s not impossible! 

This is how to make your Beagle feel more comfortable being left alone:

Leave The Radio On

Leaving the radio or TV on a low volume can help your Beagle to feel less lonely when they’re home alone.

The background noise will make the house feel less empty and quiet. It also helps to disguise any noises from outside which may disturb your Beagle. 

Sad looking Beagle staring out the window with a speech bubble that says 'When are you coming home?'
Beagle With Separation Anxiety

Crate Train

Crates provide a safe and comfortable space for your Beagle to rest.

They’re a den-like space which can make them feel more secure. This can also help to reduce any anxiety your Beagle is feeling.

Your adult Beagle shouldn’t be crated all day though, only ever for a few hours at a time. 

Instead, you could leave the crate door open, so they can go in and out without being locked in.

Crates are only a suitable option if your Beagle has been trained to feel comfortable in them.

If they don’t enjoy spending time in there, then this may increase their anxiety – which you obviously want to avoid! 

Chew Toys

Giving your Beagle a chew toy, puzzle toy or long-lasting chew when you leave them alone can be a good distraction.

This should help to keep their brain busy and give them something to do instead of worrying about you not being there.

Chewing is a natural stress relieving activity for your Beagle, so it can help them to feel more relaxed. 

Increase Exercise

If your Beagle isn’t getting enough exercise then this can make them feel more stressed when they’re on their own.

They’ll have more pent-up energy and may find it more difficult to settle down and relax.

By increasing their exercise, this should make them more tired and more likely to settle when they’re by themselves.

Try to avoid high intensity exercise directly before you leave home though, as this can make your Beagle feel on edge and take them longer to calm down. 

Use A Dog Walker

If you have to go to work or out for long periods during the day, then it can be helpful to hire a dog walker. You could also ask friends and family to call in to help you out.

This breaks up the amount of time your Beagle is left alone for and gives them some extra company and attention, which they crave.

Doggy Daycare

If your Beagle really struggles to cope on their own, then a doggy daycare service may be a better option for them.

So there you have it! Beagles don’t do well on their own for long periods of time. However, leaving the radio on, creating a den, providing chew toys and making sure they have enough exercise can all help your Beagle feel more comfortable when home alone.

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