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Are Pomeranians Smart?

Are Pomeranians Smart?

Do you have a Pomeranian and want to know how smart they are? Maybe you’re curious to know how they fare against other dog breeds? Here’s everything you need to know about the intelligence of Pomeranians!

Are Pomeranians Smart? Yes, Pomeranians are very smart dogs. According to Stanley Coren’s dog intelligence study, Pomeranians came 23rd in the ‘working intelligence’ group out of 138 dog breeds tested. Not only are they intelligent but they’re also obedient, despite their stubborn streak.

Read on to find out how your Pomeranian’s intelligence is measured, whether it’s genetic, and how you can teach your Pomeranian to be more intelligent through dog training.

Never use the advice in this article as a substitute for professional veterinary advice or treatment. I am NOT a Vet, qualified dog trainer or dog behaviourist. This article is based on research, personal opinion and experience of owning dogs over the last 12+ years. 

Are Pomeranians intelligent?

Yes, Pomeranians are very smart! In 1994, Stanley Coren researched the intelligence of 138 different dog breeds.

He found Pomeranians to be in the ‘excellent working intelligence’ group. They were placed at number 23 of the 138 tested breeds. Not bad for the tiniest member of the Spitz breeds. 

Although it may be hard to picture, Pomeranians are descendants of much larger breeds like the Chow Chow and Husky.

They were originally bred for pulling sleds, though they were much bigger then! This helps to explain why they’ve scored so highly on the working intelligence tests. 

Interestingly, Pomeranians scored much higher than their ancestors in the experiment. Huskys were placed at 45th and Chow Chows came in 76th place. So, although their bodies may be much smaller, their brains are certainly not!

How Do You Measure Your Pomeranians Intelligence?

In Stanley Coren’s experiment, he measured intelligence by looking at how quickly Pomeranians picked up a new command. 

Those that picked up new commands and behaviours quickly were considered more intelligent. 

He then gave each dog a command they already knew and measured how often they responded to it the first time.

Those that responded the first time they were asked, were considered cleverer than those who needed asking more than once. 

Where Are Pomeranians Ranked In Stanley Coren’s Experiment?

Pomeranians are ranked 23rd out of 138 dog breeds in Stanley Coren’s intelligence experiment.

They only needed between 5 and 15 repetitions before learning a new behaviour. This means they’re able to pick up new tricks and training quickly! 

They were also asked to respond to a command they already knew. Pomeranians responded at least 85% of the time, the first time they were asked.

This proves that they’re not only intelligent, but they’re also obedient. 

Pomeranian laying down on a green background with a speech bubble that says 'Do you think I'm smart?'
Pomeranians Are Intelligent Dogs

Are Pomeranians Smarter Than The Experiment Shows?

Yes, Pomeranians may be even smarter than the Stanley Coren experiment shows! They’re a bright, alert breed of dog, who love to learn new things.

Although this experiment is relatively accurate, it doesn’t consider all the different outside influences that can affect intelligence. 

Their age, health, personality, amount of previous training, and the environment they’re in, can all affect your Pomeranian’s intelligence.

The more training you give to your Pomeranian, the smarter they’ll become! 

Is A Pomeranian’s Intelligence Just Genetic?

According to Stanley Coren’s research, a Pomeranian’s intelligence is 51% genetic and 49% environmental. 

This suggests that although they might be genetically clever, other factors can influence your Pomeranian’s intelligence levels. 

If they’re feeling anxious, uncertain, scared, hungry, tired, cold, or they’re in pain, your Pomeranian isn’t likely to respond as well to commands.

This isn’t because they don’t know what they’re being asked to do, it’s because they have other things distracting them. 

Making sure your Pomeranian’s environment is suitable for learning and responding to commands, plays a crucial part in their intelligence levels. 

Can I Teach My Pomeranian To Be More Intelligent?

Yes, you can teach your Pomeranian to be more intelligent! The more time you spend teaching your Pomeranian new behaviours and tricks, the cleverer they’ll be. 

The more you train your Pomeranian, the stronger the bond will be between you too.

They’ll get to understand how you teach and you’ll understand how they learn too. This can make training much easier for both of you! 

The easier and more exciting your Pomeranian finds their training, the more likely they’ll be to keep wanting to learn more. As soon as they find it too difficult or tedious, they’ll switch off. 

Even this proves their intelligence, as they’re much more interested in learning when it’s fun for them! 

How Do I Motivate My Pomeranian To Learn?

You need to find out what really motivates your Pomeranian to work hard!

Just like us humans tend to work harder if we’re promised a reward, your Pomeranian will have this mindset too.

For many, these will be high-value tasty treats such as chicken, cheese or sausages.

These are the basics of positive reinforcement training. When your Pomeranian does something you want them to, they get rewarded. This makes them more likely to repeat the same thing in the future. 

These special treats should only be given to your Pomeranian when you’re training them, not just when they’re looking cute!

That way they’ll work harder because they’re motivated to get their tasty reward. 

It’s best to keep your training sessions short and positive. If you try and push your Pomeranian to learn too much at once, they’ll probably get frustrated and not want to carry on training. 

Pomeranian standing on a blue background with a speech bubble that says 'Do you think I'm smart?'
Pomeranians Are Smart Dogs

How Else Do Pomeranians Show They’re Smart?

Here’s how Pomeranians show their intelligence:

Pomeranians Respond To Human Emotions

Pomeranians have high emotional intelligence. Because of this, they’re very close to their humans. So, they’re able to recognise how their owners are feeling.

If you’re sad, they’ll snuggle in to comfort you. No matter how you’re feeling, your Pomeranian will recognise this and respond appropriately. 

Pomeranians Are Great Problem Solvers

Pomeranians have a high level of adaptive intelligence. This means they’re able to figure out solutions to any problems they face quickly.

Because of this, they’ll really enjoy doing enrichment activities like puzzle toys and snuffle mats. 

Pomeranians Learn New Things Quickly

Pomeranians can learn new tricks quickly which proves their intelligence. They often enjoy the training process too.

Not only does this keep their minds busy, but it also enhances the relationship they have with you. Plus, who doesn’t want a dog who can do loads of party tricks?! 

Pomeranians Enjoy Dog Sports

Dog sports such as obedience, agility, hoopers, rally and heelwork to music (doggy dancing!) are all great choices for your Pomeranian.

These are all fun activities that give your Pomeranian both physical and mental exercise.

In fact, they’re bright enough to pick up whatever dog sport you choose to teach them!

Pomeranians Are Great Watchdogs 

Pomeranians are great watchdogs for all the family. They’re very alert and have brilliant hearing, so not much goes unnoticed with a Pomeranian around!

They’ll be sure to let you know if someone’s nearby and won’t be quiet until they’ve got your full attention. Clever! 

Pomeranians Love Their Owners

Pomeranians are highly emotionally intelligent and often very bonded to their owners. They love nothing more than spending time with them.

Given the choice, your Pomeranian is likely to want to be involved in whatever you’re doing, especially if it’s fun!

Pomeranians Are Sociable

If they’re well socialised, Pomeranians often get on with other dogs and people or children they meet.

This proves they’ve got high emotional intelligence and socialization skills.

However, without plenty of chances to socialise from a young age, Pomeranians can become protective of their owners. 

Pomeranians Know What They Like

You’ll quickly learn what your Pomeranian likes and dislikes. They’ll let you know if they don’t like a particular treat or where they prefer to be stroked.

Pomeranians know their own mind and will certainly tell you if they don’t like something! 

Pomeranians Understand Your Words

It can be difficult to mention the words ‘treat’ or ‘walkies’ around your Pomeranian without them noticing!

Because they’re so clever, they’ll quickly recognise what these words mean for them. 

Pomeranians Are Inquisitive

Pomeranians are naturally inquisitive little dogs who love to explore the world around them.

They’re very perceptive and aware of their surroundings and use all of their senses to properly investigate something new. 

They can gather information much faster than any human could – super smart! 

So there you have it! Even though Pomeranians are most commonly companion dogs these days, that doesn’t mean they’re not smart. Weighing in at only 3-7lbs, you might think they’re all fluffy coats and no brains, but this just isn’t true! According to the Stanley Coren study, Pomeranians are the 23rd most intelligent dog breed out of 138 breeds tested – very smart! 

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